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The Internet is abuzz with genealogies that claim a lineage to the line of Richard and Mourning Pryor.   I am keenly aware that one can not rely on the Internet to provide every answer for a family tree.  I am also aware that the Internet has become a dumping ground for undocumented lineages and just plain old bad information. 

In searching for the children of Richard and Mourning Pryor I visited several websites that claimed to have genealogies of this family.  What I found was a confusion lineages:  some researchers claimed similar children to be of this parentage, other researchers added or subtracted children's names, and some lineages gave birth years that were dramatically different from other lineage websites.

The "Job(e) Legacy", a family tree posted on, states "1811 Richard Pryor's will mentioned sons William, Thomson, and Joseph and son-in-law Daniel Jobe. The heirs received $2000 deed to Jonathan Pryor for a tract of land on the far Fork of RedRiver. It was signed by William Prior, Tomson Prior, Jeremiah Prior, Joseph Prior, and Caleb Jobe." 

Is this the will of a son or nephew of Richard and Mourning Pryor?  Some researchers report that Mourning Thompson Pryor was widowed in 1797 and remarried to Thomas White. There is a Mourning White on the 1810 Census: a Mourning White over 45 was living in Logan Co., KY (22300-00001).  In Cal's Columns, genealogy articles about Smith Co., TN ( a Thomas & Mourning White deeded land to a Richard Pryor in Smith Co., TN in about 1802.  That's interesting because no son named Richard has been attributed to Richard & Mourning and their grandson Richard was not yet an adult.  Can anyone provide the location where this will was filed and perhaps a copy of the will?  Is this the will of Richard Pryor who was married to Mourning?  If 1811 is the correct date it seems unlikely that this is the will of Richard who married Mourning Thompson as Mourning was widowed and had remarried by 1810.

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WILLIAM PRYOR-  William Pryor of White County, TN was born in Virginia and in a year that would make him the correct age to be a child of Richard and Mourning Pryor.  His sons moved to Missouri in the 1840's and settled near sons of Mouring Pryor and Daniel Job.  If the will noted in the "Job(e) Legacy" is correct, then Daniel Jobe was a son in law of Richard Pryor, Mourning was a daughter and William was a son of Richard Pryor. It would then make sense that William's son settled near their cousins in Missouri. 

In some genealogies the William Pryor b. 1802-1806 in TN and died in Carmi, White Co., IL has been counted as a son of Richard and Mourning Pryor.  Most researchers state Richard Pryor died in about 1797.  If the 1811 will was executed by another Richard Pryor, then there is the possibility that William is the son of a Richard Pryor who died in about 1811.


b. 1760-1771in VA

1811 Recorded in White Co., TN
1811 Son William Recorded in Richard Pryor's Will.
Named children: William, Joseph, Jonathan, Sarah/Sallie, Susannah
1820-1840 Census in White Co., TN
1840-1850 Sons Wm, Joseph, & Jonathan migrated to Bates & Vernon Co., MO. His descendants lived near Ezekiel Rhea & Abraham Job (son of Sallie Pryor & Daniel Jobe) in Bates & Vernon Cos., MO.


Year per census records, VA per daughter Sallie Pryor Bohannon on 1880 Census
Tax List

Census Record
Census Record

THOMPSON PRYOR -  Mentioned in 1811 will of Richard Pryor.  Living in White Co., TN in 1811 (same time period as the above William Pryor)


b. 1782 in TN
1811 Recorded in White Co., TN

m. Dicy Tripp in about 1814
1830 Census, Lawrence Co., TN
d. 1838 in Lawrence Co., TN.
Named a son Nathan 


"Ansearchin News", Vol. 18, #3  Capt. James Cole's Company of Militia Pryor, William, 1wp, 230 acres Dry Valley , Pryor, Thomas, 1wp . putting a William & a Thomas Pryor in White Co. in 1811.

Census Record


JOSEPH PRYOR - Mentioned in 1811 will of Richard Pryor. There are many questions as to the identity of Joseph Pryor. Is he the Joseph who was on the 1820 Census in Jackson County, TN?  Is he the Joseph who was mentioned in White County, TN court records?  Is he the Joseph Pryor who appears on the 1830-1850 Census records in Tuscaloosa, AL and had children born in TN?  There don't appear to be any clear answers... The Joseph living in AL reported his birthplace as South Carolina, differing from the other Pryors who were allegedly born in Virginia.


m. Sarah Catharine Patton 

d. After 1850 in AL.
Named a daughter Mourning
1793 Daughter Mary Pryor born in TN.
1795 Son John Pryor born in TN. 
1803 Daughter Elizabeth born in TN.
1830-1850 Census Tuscaloosa Co., AL


Note: a Nathan Pryor md. Margaret Patton in Augusta Co., VA.

Census Record

MOURNING PRYOR JOB- Following the relationships indicated in the 1811 will, Mourning Job was the wife of Daniel Jobe and daughter of Richard and Mourning Pryor.


b. 1764, Augusta Co., VA
m. Daniel Jobe, in VA or KY about 1788  (Married in VA? Her parents were probably having children in TN according to her siblings places of birth.
d. after 1812
Named children Nathan, Jonathan, Pleasant.
Son, Abraham Jobe, living near Pryors of White Co., TN in Bates & Vernon Co., MO
1797 Daughter Elizabeth Job born in Knox Co., TN.
1803 Daughter Dorcas Job born in Lawrence Co., TN.
1808 Son Pleasant Job born in Lawrence Co., TN.
1812 Son Joseph Taylor Job born in Madison Co., AL.


SALLIE PRYOR JOB- Sallie's husband, Caleb Job, was recorded as a witness of the 1811 will.  The will did not record her as a daughter of Richard Pryor, nor does it record Caleb Job as a son-in-law.  I am interested in any information that documents Sallie as a daughter of Richard Pryor.  Has she been counted as a daughter of Richard and Mourning Pryor because she named a daughter Mourning, lived in near the Pryors in Tennessee, and her husband was a witness to the will of a Richard Pryor?


b. 1765 in Louisa or Augusta Co, VA.
m. Caleb Job abt. 1790 in Washington Co., TN.
d. about 1820 in MO. (Husband died 1824 in Saline Co., MO)
1796-1813 Children born in White and Jackson Co., TN.
Named a daughter Mourning



JEREMIAH PRYOR - Jeremiah Pryor supposedly signed Richard Pryor's 1811 will, but is not mentioned as a son in the will.  Jeremiah Pryor was counted in 1820 in Jackson Co., TN, near the Job and Pryor families in White Co., TN.  By 1830 he had moved his family to Missouri as did the families of William Pryor of White County, TN, and Mourning and Sallie Pryor Job.  Like Sallie Pryor Job, Jeremiah is not mentioned in the 1811 will as a son of Richard Pryor, but rather a signer of the document.  While it appears there is some form of kinship to this line, his late birth makes him more likely a grandson or other relation.  My question:  Are there two Jeremiah Pryors?  In 1840 a Jeremiah Pryor was counted in Graves Co., KY. He was between 20 and 29 years old.

b. 1790 in TN (from info on 1850 Census)
d. Aft. 1850 in MO.
1820 Census in Jackson Co., TN
1830 Census of Clay Co, MO.
1840 Census  in Clinton Co., MO 
1850 Census Dekalb Co, MO


Census Record
Census Record
Census Record
Census Record




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